Available impressions are based on a placements' targeting criteria, as well as how long it has left to serve.

For example, a half page in Richmond is forecasted to have 125,000 impressions for the month of November. One advertiser has already booked 25,000 impressions, so 75,000 will still be available. 

JARVIS will show you real time impressions available in each flight, located in the Available Impressions Column. 

JARVIS will allow you to see more up to date calculations for available impressions, and if the flight is fully booked for that time period, you will see '0' impressions. 

This particular feature is essential for capitalising on extra inventory. To buy more impressions in placements with high performing traffic, you can simply use the Top Up button.


Impression: When an ad has been served onto a page.

Availability: The sum of forecasted impressions, minus what is already booked.

Inventory: The forecasted volume of impressions for specific targeting criteria, over a selected time period. 

Top Up: The function to purchase additional impressions in your campaigns.

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