Understanding the impressions bar is very important. It not only helps you identify whether or not your campaign is on track to deliver but indicates to the user any available opportunities based of its current deliver. This impression bar takes into consideration all delivered impressions within the flights below it, in a single campaign. This includes paid impressions, sponsorship, bonus and any other digital variant that may be included in each campaign. Flight indicators:

Coloured bars - impressions delivered by campaign so far.

Grey bar - impressions remaining for each campaign. 

Total impressions at end of bar.

  • Green - On track to deliver - Impressions bar will be slightly ahead of or equal to the campaigns bar above it.
  • Red - Under delivering - Impressions bar will be less than the campaigns bar above it.

  • Sponsorship ONLY - As you can see the impressions bar is full as there is no deliverable impression goal. The goal is based on a sponsored amount in budget. Thus it will deliver as many impressions as it can regardless of days to date or remaining, hence the bar is full yet the campaign progress bar is tracking each day.

  • Paid impressions & Sponsorship/Bonus/Makegood in one campaign - This is the last example of how sponsorship impacts on a campaign, as we can see below. Although the impressions bar is full the flights still have impressions to deliver out. Notice that there is still seven days to go and the impressions delivered is higher than the impression goal. Well the impression goal is based on paid impressions and the sponsorship activity is the additional impression. This over delivery is reflected in the orange colour in the bar.

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